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Flood Defense Barrier

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Flood Defense Barrier

Protect your property with the flood barriers of IBS Technics. Manufactured from your individual requirements - by the world leader of mobile flood protection.

Quality made in Germany.

Use our configurator to create your special mobile flood defense barrier by your own. Please go to our SL25 to ask for a barrier for max. 1,0m height and 2,0m clear width. If you require bigger barriers, please use the following configurator. Our systems are capable for a height of 4.0 meters and a clear width up to 4.0 meters.

It's just simple to protect your property with our products.

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  • Design in accordance with DIN EN1990, DIN EN 1993-1-1, DIN EN1991-1-1, DIN EN 1999-1-1 – latest versions Design Criteria: Hydrostatic Water Pressure; Safety Factor 1.35
  • Guaranteed Leakage Rate in accordance to DIN 19569-1 table 1, class 1 – latest version
  • Foundation, concrete and reinforcement design to be provided by others.
  • IBS to provide component details and stress resultants only.
  • Barrier undermining, erosion etc. to be examined, verified, designed and built by others.
  • Structural stability of existing structures to be examined and verified by others.
  • The Installation of IBS Flood Protection must be carried out in accordance with the relevant installation, operation and maintenance instructions.
  • End posts to be mounted on perpendicular walls only.
  • Maximum allowed wall unevenness to be 3mm.
  • Minimum required concrete quality to be C25/30.
  • Insulation to be removed prior to end post installation.
  • Maximum allowed ground surface unevenness to be 15 mm.
    Please note:
  • Project specific design drawings are not included.
  • Attached IBS measurement sheets are to be checked, approved and returned with order and will be considered as production approval.