Welcome to IBS-Technics GmbH!

About IBS

The IBS Technics GmbH has been founded in 1994. Core business of the IBS Group is the regulation of water. IBS’ first product has been barriers for fire water.

So, IBS developed the ability to keep water inside of a building to prevent toxic water to get into the groundwater. Based on those experiences IBS extended its business to keep water outside of a building, flood control. Today, IBS is world market leader for mobile flood protection walls. Last water-related business segment of IBS is the regulation of water, flow control. Due to the fact that we are shipping and processing a lot of long components we have developed several internal logistic solutions. We have started to establish our logistic systems as our third business segment.

In our „flow control“ business segment we are offering penstocks and stoplogs. Our products are “made in Germany”. In our construction department we are working with the latest 3D-CAD software to deliver our customers detailed and transparent drawings in a very short period of time. We are working with the customer to get the best solution with the best value. All our mechanical engineers are speaking English fluently.

The IBS Group has a visible track record in delivering high quality, reliable products and solutions with the best value. We sell our products worldwide and are familiar with global business. Our core market is Europe, however, we have partners and customers in Asia, Arabia, Australia and North America.

Besides standardized penstocks and stoplogs we are also offering individual solutions for complex and difficult situations. Our standardized penstocks and stoplogs have a diameter between 100 and 1.200 mm. Due to our internal systems our customers don’t have to give up on our competitive advantages like fast processing, best value or global service. We have developed the first penstocks configurator in the world, which enables any customer to submit his required information directly to our sales department. Our sales department consists of highly educated engineers, who are happy to advise you with your inquiry.

If you have any questions regarding IBS or our products, please do not hesitate and contact us via email or telephone. You may also find further information on our website www.ibs-technics.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.